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You Can Net More Money Selling to Us

No matter the condition of your house. We can present you with up to 3 offers to suit your situation,

including a cash offer and you choose the terms and price that works best for you.

We'll Buy Your House As-Is

There's no need to make any repairs on anything...

We'll give you a no-obligation, cash offer on your home.

No Realtor Commissions

When you sell to us, you don't have to pay commission to a licensed realtor, saving you thousands of dollars!

We're Your Buyer

The hunt for your buyer is over!

Your buyer is right in front of you right now.

We'll Pay All Your Closing Costs

When you sell to us, we will pay all your closing costs which will put more money in your pocket.

You Choose The Date We Close

We can close in as little as 7 days, but that timeframe is totally up to you. You will choose the date that we buy your house!

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It's Never Been So Easy To Sell Your House!

Getting a Top Price offer on your home has never been so easy or so fast. To start, enter your address, tell us about your home, and within 30 seconds you'll get a real offer delivered to you right here on this website. No obligations to you at all, and we think you will end up liking our offer!

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Hi, I'm Bill Laursen

Thanks for considering Minnesota Realty Sales.

My wife and I grew up in the Twin Cities and we've been buying and selling houses here for over 20 years. She was managing our real estate office, and I was a limited broker when we realized... We could do more for sellers if we just buy their house directly ourselves for a good price.

It's a nice family business and we've been able to help lots of local families too.

Why Choose Us:

  • Mission: Empower Buyers and Sellers with more choices to net more money.

  • Experience: Over 20 years of helping people navigate the real estate market.

  • Professionalism: Licensed Homebuyers adhering to Realtor® Code of Ethics.


"My experience with Bill is the most positive aspect of the sale of my home... I found I could get my asking price and have to spend less in fees. (Thousands of dollars). All the stress of selling and moving was removed because of his attention to detail and the professional manner in which he conducted himself... I normally do not write recommendations but in this case it is justified." - Barbara Orlowsky


"We are so happy our Realtor introduced us to Bill Laursen... If you need to sell your house, we highly recommend selling to him." - John & Gail Pinola


"Thank you for a smooth transaction. My client & her son are already enjoying their new home immensely! Cheers" - Dolly Langer - Realtor

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Licensed Homebuyers in the Minneapolis / St Paul area for over 20 years


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